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Civil Integrity is a small but comprehensive family-owned company providing service of process and other legal support services throughout Michigan out of our office in Grand Haven, conveniently located directly across the street from the Grand Haven Court. Our staff is made up of friendly and enthusiastic legal professionals who are dedicated to integrity and accountability. Our first priority is the happiness of the lawyers, paralegals, and individuals who hire us to serve their subpoenas, summons, complaint, writs, orders, and other legal documents in Michigan. If you're not happy, we're not happy, so let us know how we're doing!

Process Service

Civil Integrity was founded on the principles of integrity, honesty, and transparency. We think it's important that our clients know that their process server will not only serve documents as quickly as possible and with complete accuracy, but that everyone involved in the process is treated respectfully and professionally, including the defendant. Transparency means giving the law firms and private individuals we work with an honest quote and time frame and sticking to it. If for any reason we are not able to serve your legal documents within this time, we will keep you completely informed. You will receive an email notification once your legal documents have been served.

How are we able to provide such good customer service? Our process servers are well trained and use software to decrease the time it takes to get from serve to serve. With a secure cloud-based system, we can notify you in real time about the status of your serve without having to drive back to the office. You can feel safe in our hands, knowing that your process servers are familiar with new technology and meticulous about laws and best practices in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions About Process Serving

What is Process Service?
When a legal case is initiated, all the parties involved must be notified of the proceedings and when they need to appear in court. This notification comes in the form of a subpoena, summons and complaints, order, writ, or other legal document and must be served by a party uninterested in the case. This is called process service. A professional process server is experienced with this process and can serve these documents to difficult people, in remote areas, and makes sure everything is done in accordance with state and federal laws.

What is Proof of Service?
Proof of service is a signed document by the person who served the subpoena or other legal document. Although this document isn’t always required in Michigan cases, it validates the service of process and can mitigate a delayed case or having a case be thrown out altogether.

How do I file with small claims?
Small claims is a court system in which you can represent yourself against someone for a small infringement that doesn’t require a full court. The most you can win from a small claims case in Michigan is $5,500. You will need to fill out a form, file with the clerk, serve the defendant, appear in court, pay various small fees, and potentially need to take other steps. Call us and we can answer the questions you have about this process.

We get almost daily calls with questions about our complicated court rules and process service laws. Although we are not lawyers, and therefore cannot provide legal advice, we endeavor to help you in any way we can. Please call (616) 638-2052 today if you have more questions.


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